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  Taekwondo has a rich history that dates back to the 1950s, and it is currently a popular Olympic sport with many athletes practicing worldwide. In the world of martial arts, it is well established that the physical training aspects of taekwondo have many commonalities with other sports which include power, speed, flexibility, balance, and agility training while also following a healthy nutrition plan. However, in our academy, we further focus on the practice of taekwondo as a tool to also train our mind, soul, and spirit in addition to the physical benefits of training.

I believe that taekwondo is an art and a spiritual path to reach enlightenment where we shape our destiny by training and disciplining our mind, body, and soul.

 An important benefit of training in taekwondo is self-awareness and knowledge of who we are including identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness can help us realize that when we have internal conflicts, we cannot fully concentrate or focus. It also allows us to bring love and attention to our hearts and help us forgive what has harmed us in the past.

e must understand that loving ourselves gives us positive energy which can be transferred to love others and affect them positively so their surroundings can also benefit. Although it may be hard to forget the past, there are many ways to cope with painful memories including meditation, conditioning our minds to focus on better subjects, and having patience as a virtual path to forgiveness.

W We can achieve inner peace by balancing our lives since from microscopic cells in our body to the galaxy and beyond, everything lives in harmony. As our universe has maintained its balance, we must also balance our lives to achieve our goals. If we appreciate this balance and the art of harmony within the universe, we can then better understand ourselves. I emphasize to my students that clarity of the mind becomes magic when we understand who we are as a person.

In our academy, our masters and instructors understand that martial artists come to train taekwondo for very different reasons and goals in mind, and we are committed to help them achieve their personal dreams.

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 During our training, we teach students that they must set goals, apply discipline, and be consistent to achieve their full potential. We emphasize that there are no shortcuts in life for happiness, and we must consistently reinforce discipline and hard work so our dreams can become true. We further teach our students that fear and failure during their competitions and life events are realities that they need to face and accept. Our students learn that self-confidence and great victories come from defeat if they can learn from their past mistakes and realize that fear and failure are necessary as part of their personal growth.

In over 30 years of my experience, it has been an honour to teach taekwondo to multiple generations and help many individuals become better and achieve their personal goals. Whether your intentions are to prepare for major competitions, train your physical fitness, or better discover yourself mentally and spiritually, Master Reza Taekwondo Academy is a perfect training facility to assist you achieve your personal goals and dreams.

Grandmaster Reza Y. Sadat

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