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Dr. Morteza Bahraminejad

Dr. Morteza Bahraminejad is a highly experienced medical professional and sports scientist, having acquired valuable qualifications across multiple disciplines from prestigious universities around the world. His skills and expertise cover medicine, physical education, strength & conditioning coaching, sports management, periodization and Tae Kwando.

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His Story

 Dr Bahraminejad holds an impressive 6th Dan black belt in Tae kwon do and is also a member of the European Taekwondo Union. With such credentials, it's no surprise that he has established himself as a leading figure in the field of sports medicine and science. He is a highly sought-after resource for those looking to improve their physical and mental health through sport.Additionally, he serves as an Honorary Professor at Shi Chahai University of Physical Education in Beijing, and is a lecturer at Islamic Azad University.


His vast experience, knowledge and expertise are invaluable assets for anyone seeking guidance within the field of sports science and medicine. With his help, they can be sure that their health will be improved through physical and mental exercise. His unwavering commitment to the field makes him a leader in the industry, and his credentials are proof of his success. Whether you're looking for advice on how to improve your physical health or seeking guidance on how to become a better athlete, Dr Bahraminejad is one of the most reliable resources available. He is an incredible asset to the world of sports medicine and science, and his contributions continue to shape the future of physical education. Dr Bahraminejad's expertise has been widely acknowledged, and he has been invited to speak at conferences around the world on topics related to sports medicine, as well as appearing on TV programs dedicated to discussing fitness topics. His commitment and dedication to the field of sports medicine and science are unrivaled, and he continues to strive to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere



Qualifications and Services 

Sports injury counseling


Consultation & treatment of injureis & diseases



Periodization & planning of team exercises


Non-professional athletes program


Fitness & health program

Professional athletes’ program


Athletes with specific competition dates

Elderly exercise program


Improving health for people over 55 years old

Diet plan & Supplement


Diet plan & Supplement regime

Children Exercise program


Children 10-14 years old training program

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